Jan van Brakel

Jan van Brakel was very similar to the earlier Nautilus; she also doubled as fisher inspection cruiser. Jan van Brakel was used for a variety of services throughout her career.

Jan van Brakel in 1936, probably during her trials

Construction details
Name Jan van Brakel
Dockyard Koninklijke Mij "De Schelde", Vlissingen
Dockyardnumber 201
Ordered November 19, 1934
Laid down May 23, 1935
Launched February 8, 1936
Commissioned June 25, 1936 *
Pennant M-24 (WW II)
M-80 (WW II)
PE-1 (15 June 1946)
P-5 (21 January 1947)
F-816 (1952)
A-906 (post August 1957)
* Some sources mention June 20, 1936 (Cageling/De Jong)

Displacement 715 Washington tons
Crew 65
Dimensions 54.80 (pp) 58.70 (oa) x 10,01 x 3,28 (min) 4,0 (max) m
Armament* 2 x 75 mm No.2
1 x 37 mm**
4 x .50 MG (2x2)
Added AA during WW II 2 x 75 mm***
4 x .50 mm Colt MG****
Mines 60
ASW Asdic submarine detection gear
Radar Type 286-M added 1941
Replaced by Type 271 Mk III in late 1942
* Van Brakel was rebuilt as frigate in 1952 with armament of 1 x 105 mm, 1 x 40 mm, 4 x 20 mm
** Apparently removed during WW II
*** These were British-built 12-pounders, which in turn were replaced by two American 75 mm guns in 1943
**** Replaced by six 20 mm Oerlikons in November 1943.
Propulsion details
Boilers 2 Yarrow 3 drum
Machinery 2 Triple-expansion-engines
Performance 1600 IHP
Shafts 2
Bunkerage 72 tons oil
Max Speed 15 knots*
* later with all the additional weight from guns and equipment, speed was reduced to 13,5 knots.

Employed as minelayer during 1939-1940. Strafed by German aircraft on May 14, 1940 (1 killed). Escaped to the United Kingdom on May 14, 1940 and subsequently served as a convoy escort on the eastern coast. Sent to the Dutch West Indies in April, 1942 where she was employed as escort ship for the GAT-TAG-convoys as part of B-5 escort group. On June 9, 1942, she rescued the 34 survivors of the US freighter Franklin K. Lane, torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-502 in convoy TA-5. Returned to the UK in november, 1944, where she was converted to a mothership for the 126-feet class minesweepers of the 203rd minesweeper flotilla. Left for the Netherlands East Indies on October 10, 1945 and served there as a mothership for the minesweepers. Reclassified frigate in 1950, and employed as a survey vessel. Stricken August 1, 1957 and expended as a target ship off Biak, New Guinea.

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Thanks to Gerard Horneman for providing additional details.

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