Castor-class repair ship

This buoyvessel was originally built for the Gouvernementsmarine, and was commandeered by the navy in 1939 to be rebuilt as a repair ship. Commissioned as such in September 1939, she was attached to the Naval yard in Soerabaja. Scuttled there in March 1942.

Castor at anchor in Gorontalo Bay, Celebes (Sulawesi), ca. 1921

Construction details
Name Castor
Dockyard Marine Etablissement, Soerabaja
Laid down  
Launched July 4 1914
Commissioned October 7 1915
History Scuttled in Soerabaja March 2 1942, but raised by the Japanese and commissioned as a salvageship* in 1943. Mined June 28 1945 and beached southeast of Jizo Saki. Refloated and probably scrapped under the name Osei Maru in Japan.
* According to the US Navy Chronology, Osei Maru was a cableship.

Displacement 670 tons
Crew 43
Dimensions 53,80 x 3,40 x ?
Armament -

Propulsion details
Boilers -
Machinery 2 dieselengines *
Performance 500 hp
Max speed 11 knots
Bunkerage 132 tons oil
* The diesels were of Dutch origin. The delay in delivery meant that the ship remained at the dockyard longer than planned

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