Flower-class corvette

This ship was transferred to the Dutch navy in early 1943 in exchange for the minesweeper Jan van Gelder which didn't fit in the policy of small, wooden minesweepers. Upon commissioning, the Friso was in a rather bad shape, and it was clear the British hadn't picked their best ship to transfer. She mainly served with the 37th escort group during the war, together with the frigate Johan Maurits van Nassau.

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Friso at sea on July 4, 1944.

Construction details
Name Hr Ms Friso (ex-HMS Carnation)
Dockyard Grangemouth Dockyard Company
Laid down  
Commissioned September 3, 1940  (Royal Navy)
March 26, 1943 (Royal Netherlands Navy)
Pennant K.00
Status Returned to Royal Navy October 4, 1944

Displacement 940 tons / 1170 t
Crew 95
Dimensions 62,48 x 10,06 x 4,42 m
Guns 1 x 102 mm (4-inch) Mk IX Low-angle
1 x 40 mm Mk VIII "pompom"
6 x 20 mm Oerlikon (6x1)
Anti-submarine armament Type 123 asdic (standard for this class)
4 depthcharge throwers
2 depthcharge rails
1 'Hedgehog' with 24 rounds.
Radar Type 271 (standard for this class)

Propulsion details
Machinery 1 x 4 cilinder triple expansion engine
Performance 2750 shp
Shafts 1
Range (max) 5000 nautical miles @ 10 knots
Bunkerage 240 tons oil
Maximum speed 16 knots

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