75 mm No 1,2,3 & 4 semi-automatic

These guns were taken from older coastal defence ships laid up for scrapping. The remaining ships after 1942 had theirs removed and replaced by British built 12-pounders.

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Gun specs
Gun type Krupp 75 mm No 2 model semi-automatic
Purpose Low Angle ( seatargets only )
Bore 75 mm ( 2.95 inch )
Classes used on Van Amstel-class minesweepers
Date of design Before WW I
Date in service with RNN Before WW I
Length 55 calibres ( 4,13 m )
Initial velocity 2936 feet/sec
Rate of fire  
Shell specs
Shell types HE
Shell weight 13 lbs ( 5.9 kg )
Range ( max )  
Mount specs
Mount type Single, shielded mounts
Mount armor  
Train method Manual

Jane's fighting ships of the world, 1931 edition

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