Poolster seaplanetender

Poolster at anchor near Meeuwen Island, Sunda Strait, March 1940

Construction details
Name Poolster
Dockyard Droogdok Maatschapij Tandjong Priok, Batavia
Dockyardnumber DDM 309
Laid down May 26, 1938
Launched February 3, 1939
Commissioned October 23, 1939

Displacement 1565 tons
Crew 90
Dimensions 74,72 (max) x 12 x 3 m
Armament 1 x 75 mm Krupp L/40
2 x .50 Colt MG

Propulsion details
Machinery 1 x 4-stroke MAN dieselengine *
Performance 1250 hp
Max speed 12 knots
* Built under license by J & K Smit, Kinderdijk

In service with the Gouvernements Marine in 1939 as a buoy ship. Militarized in September, 1939, in service as seaplane tender. Operated of western Borneo December, 1941 - January, 1942. Served as MTB depot ship February-March, 1942. Scuttled Tandjong Priok on March 1, 1942. Raised by the Japanese Navy's 102nd Construction and Repair Unit on September 1, 1943. Converted to salvage ship Horei Maru, conversion completed on November 22, 1943. Based at Surabaya until November, 1944. Damaged by aircraft near Endohil Point, Rangasa Island on November 3, 1944. Arrived Manila via Tarakan on November 8, 1944 and commenced repairs. Based at Manila for some time; damaged by carrier-based aircraft from USN Task Force 38 on January 15, 1945 at North San Fernando, Luzon. Sunk by B.25 bombers (500th Bomb Squadron of the 345th Bomb Group) at Mako, Formosa on April 4, 1945.

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