This ship was built for the Gouvernementsmarine, but could also be used as a large minelayer after some small modifications. During peace time, she was used as a yacht for the governor-general of the Netherlands East Indies

Rigel at sea (collection J. Klootwijk)

Construction details
Name Rigel
Dockyard Nederlandse Dok Mij, Amsterdam
Laid down March 3, 1930
Launched March 7, 1931
Commissioned November 6, 1931
Status Modified for service as a minelayer during neutrality and commissioned as such on October 15, 1939. Sunk as a blockship in Batavia on March 2 1942, but salvaged by the Japanese in March, 1944 and partially repaired. Found in Batavia (Jakarta) in 1945 and returned to the N.E.I. government. Transferred to the Indonesian navy in 1951 and renamed Dewakembar (also: Dewa Kembar). Still under repair in Soerabaja in 1952. The plan was to commission her as survey vessel. Fate unknown, presumably scrapped.

Displacement 1378/1631 tons
Crew 63 - 67
Dimensions 67,50 x 11,04 x 3,06 m
Armament 2 x 75 mm L/40 Krupp
2 x .50
Mines 150
ASW Rigel had Asdic from early 1942.
Radar -

Propulsion details
Boilers 2
Machinery 2 Triple-expansion-engines
Shafts 2
Range 2200 miles at 10 knots
Bunkerage 197 tons coal*
Performance 1400 hp
Maximum speed 12,7 knots
* The rebuild of 1952 also included converting her to an oil-fired ship

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