Gerard Callenburgh-class

The destroyers of this class were based upon the preceding Admiralen-class destroyers. Often compared to the British Tribal-class destroyers, they outperformed the latter in range and anti-aircraft armament. The main armament of 5 Bofors 120-mm guns in two double and a single mount was enough for contemporary standards. At the start of the war in May 1940, three had been launched. Of these, Isaac Sweers was towed to Britain and completed there with a different armament, the other two were scuttled when evacuation proved to be impossible. One (the former Gerard Callenburgh) was salvaged and completed for the Kriegsmarine as ZH-1.

Original design sketch. Note the mines on the stern and the floatplane between the stacks.

Click to enlarge Isaac Sweers in 1941 configuration. Note two 4-inch mounts on stern and one mount on the foreship.
Click to enlarge ZH 1 as completed. Note the different bridge.

Construction details
Name Gerard Callenburgh Isaac Sweers Tjerk Hiddes (I) Philips van Almonde
Dockyard Rotterdamsche Droogdok Mij, Rotterdam Koninklijke Mij 'De Schelde', Flushing Rotterdamsche Droogdok Mij, Rotterdam Koninklijke Mij 'de Schelde', Flushing
Dockyardnumber 208 212 207 213
Laid down October 12 1938 November 26 1938 October 1 1938 March 2 1939 
Launched October 12 1939 March 16 1940 October 12 1939 -
Commissioned October 11 1942 May 29 1941 - -
Status Sunk by Allied destroyers near Ile de Bas, June 9, 1944 as ZH-1

Sunk by German submarine U-431 off Algiers, November 13, 1942

Scuttled by destruction parties in Nieuwe Waterweg, May 14, 1940. Raised June 12, 1940. Scrapped in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. Blown up at dockyard by destruction parties, May 17, 1940. Remains were scrapped
Pennants ZH-1 (WW II) IS (design)
G-83 (WW II)
ZH-2* -
* Pennant number ZH 2 was allocated for Tjerk Hiddes in the assumption she could be salvaged and commissioned.

Design ZH 1 (ex-Callenburgh) Isaac Sweers
Displacement 1628 t / 2240 t
Crew 180 230 194
Dimensions 106,3 (oa) 105 (pp) x 10,28 x 3,5 m
Armament 5 x 12 cm Bofors No. 8
4 x 40 mm Bofors
4 x 12.7 mm Vickers MG
8 TT of 53,3 cm
5 x 12 cm Bofors No. 8
4 x 37 mm C/30
16 x 20 mm C/38
8 TT of 53,3 cm
6 x 10,2 cm Mk 16
4 x 40 mm Bofors
4 x 20 mm Oerlikon
8 TT of 53,3 cm
Additional 1 floatplane
24 mines (2 rails)
4 depthcharge mortars
24 mines ***
4 depthcharge mortars
Asdic submarine detection
4 depthcharge mortars
Radar - N/A 2 type 289 for Bofors
1 for 4-inch guns
*  ZH 1 was equipped with German tubes. I don't know whether or not Sweers retained her Dutch tubes or received British mounts.
** These 20 mm guns replaced two quad Vickers mounts originally mounted after completion in the UK.
***  Not all sources mention these as armament in the Kriegsmarine.

Propulsion details
Design ZH.1 (ex-Callenburgh) Isaac Sweers
Boilers 3 Yarrow 3 drum type
Machinery 2 Parsons geared turbines, built under license by Werkspoor
Performance 45000 SHP 45000 SHP
4 diesels for 12400 BHP
45000 SHP
Shafts 2
Range   5400 nm @ 19 knots  
Max speed 36 knots 37,5 knots* 37,5 knots
* ZH 1 reportedly did 42 knots on her trials.

Gerard Callenburgh in service with the German Kriegsmarine as ZH-1, date and place unknown (collection webmaster, originally Collection Drüppel)
Isaac Sweers without camouflage, presumably during trials in 1941. (Collection Jan Klootwijk)
Gun crew maintaining one of the quad Vickers .50 machineguns, date and place unknown. Note the type 285 radar on the range finder on the right (Admiralty Photograph, collection webmaster).

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