Vickers .50 Mark 3

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Gun crew maintaining Vickers machinegun on board Isaac Sweers.

Gun specs
Gun type Vickers watercooled Mark 3 machine gun
Purpose Light AA-defence
Bore .50 calibre (12,7 mm)
Classes used on Isaac Sweers
Date of design Origin dates back from early World War I
Date in service 1941 (Isaac Sweers)
Length 62 calibers (1,32 m)
Gunweight 28,1 kg (max)
Initial velocity 2520 feet/sec
Rate of fire 700 rounds/minute per gun
Cooling Watercooled
Shell specs
Shell types Non-explosive bullets
Shell weight 8 grams
Effective range 732 m
Range 1350 m @ 0 degrees
914 m @ 80 degrees
Mount specs
Mount type Mark III Quad mount
Mount armor -
Mount weight 1,3 tons
Elevation -10 / + 80 degrees
Train continuous 360 degrees
Train method manual

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